Nationwide teaching experience

CA Vikram Biyani's Tax Classes are held throughout India in more than 100 cities. Equipped with the vast & diverse experience so acquired, Vikram Biyani is among the best faculty of Taxation in India.

Light, crisp but detailed classes

The most unexpected thing about a tax class is that it can be light & crisp with a tinge of humour in it. CA Vikram Biyani does the unexpected.

Use of modern & sophisticated EDTECH Tools

CA Vikram Biyani goes the extra mile to ensure sure-shot success of his students. Even if that involves using futuristic technologies to make sure that his students always find him near - even outside classes!!

Exhaustive coverage of length & breadth of syllabus

The syllabus is covered in such an exhaustive way that, apart from clearing exams, a student will easily be able to apply the acquired knowledge in his/her day-to-day life.

Welcome to the Tax Haven of India!!

With taxes in India charged at as high as about 30%, Tax is not a minor affair for us Indians. It is important that everyone – right from individuals to firms to companies – must be educated enough about tax to understand properly their tax liabilities themselves instead of having to ask others for help.

With the above in mind, CA Vikram Biyani set out in 2004 to teach students of Kolkata the nitty-gritties of taxation & today, after years of dedicated work, his empire extends to each & every corner of India. Technologically the most advanced teacher, his USP lies in his unique teaching methodology & his grit to help his students even outside class boundaries and timings.

So no matter who you are, where you are, if you wish to study tax, then CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

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